Apprenticeships are a cost-effective way to recruit new staff, upskill the workforce and incorporate training into a business growth strategy.  At ATL, our apprenticeship expertise is in Continuous Improvement, Logistics, Warehousing, Health and Safety, Management, Customer Service and Business Administration.

There is increased recognition that individuals teach themselves to do new things and adapt. However, many of us wouldn’t say this was learning because people do this naturally during their day to day lives. As technology evolves and changes to the working landscape creates a pace of change, organisations must also consider its approach to learning and its people.

Learning enables your team to develop new skills and behaviours. We deliver programmes to address those skills and behaviours whilst ensuring that the end success will be a marked change in outcomes.

We work in partnership with organisations to identify business needs and objectives. Bespoke apprenticeship training plans are then produced that enable your people to learn on-the-job, with minimal disruption to the working day.

Whether you are a large levy paying employer or a smaller business, we have the offer for you.

We have a simple three-stage approach, and we call this our Apprenticeship Promise:


What our clients say

The Improving Operational Performance Apprenticeship programme we have recently undertaken with Achieve Through Learning has provided our employees with additional skills, knowledge and a recognised qualification. The programme was delivered over a length of time that enabled us to manage the assessment and training with minimal impact on production. The programme has widened our skill base which will lead to improved efficiency.

Ken Byrne, General Manager at Adelaide Engineering

Recruitment Support

We recognise that one of the hardest challenges for organisations is effective recruitment. As part of our Apprenticeship Promise, we offer a free recruitment service.

If you are looking to recruit an apprentice we can advise on the right job roles, keep you updated on the latest pay and benefits information, help with interviewing and make sure you are maximising the benefits available through the Apprenticeship Levy.

Apprenticeship Levy

The Apprenticeship Levy is a government training levy to fund apprenticeships. It may seem daunting at first, but it’s an excellent way for you to embed apprenticeships into your business.

Employers are classified as non-levy or levy-paying. If you have a wage bill over £3million you are classed as a levy-payer, if it is under £3million you are classed as a non-levy payer.

Non-levy payers are required to contribute 10% towards the cost of training, and the remaining 90% will be paid for by the government. An example of this is provided below.

Course cost = £5,000 – Employer contribution = £500

Levy-payers will contribute 0.5% of their wage bill, less an allowance of £15,000. Funds are then accessed through a digital account and can be spent on apprenticeship training.

If you employ less than 50 staff and take on a 16-18 year old the training is free. If you are a levy-payer and take on a 16-18 year old you will pay the funding band from your levy pot however you do still qualify for the £1,000 incentive.

If you have any questions regarding the levy and how your business can benefit get in touch with us by completing the form below.